Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Smokey Seems Sad

Temperature at departure = 36° F (2° C)

As I pulled up to the stop sign behind the Honda with the obvious oil leak, I had an opportunity to pause and read his bumper stickers.

1) Tree hugging dirt worshiper
2) The earth is our mother, treat her with respect

...and then he threw a lit cigarette butt out the window. I had to laugh. I enjoy the irony.

I came up with this later in the trip (Fritz, no need to link):

I'm one of the few
I commute by bicycle
In Overland Park.


Noah said...

That sounds... familiar...

Warren T said...

Yeah, I thought about putting a link in the post ... but the other one was a bit too lengthy. Glad you remembered. I love that kind of stuff.