Thursday, February 12, 2009

Intentional Tourist

I awoke Friday morning to some interesting news, prior to my presentation to the Techtel sales folk. I wrapped things up early enough to go see downtown Sydney. Here are some pictures from the last couple days.

The elderly gentleman jaywalked across this busy street during morning rush hour without regard to the on-coming traffic. As a bonus, someone was riding a motorcycle on the sidewalk. Weird.

Same intersection, next day. Seems like every cyclist I see is wearing a backpack.

I finally got a few hours to take in some sights. The rain stopped (for the most part) and I hopped a bus to The Rocks. Above, the Sydney Harbor Bridge.

Proof for my family that I saw something besides the office and motel.

The view from the downtown restaurant where I had lunch. Finally, I got to eat somewhere other than the two places I've had access to. Another cyclist with a backpack.

The risotto was wonderful.


karen said...

It's amazing to be able to read your experiences from around the world. I love the internet. Have a great visit! Hope you get to ride a bicycle "down under!" With a backpack, of course!

Noah said...

Yikes about Google Radio Automation!

Kris said...

hey warren,

I really like your blog and want to know your email? Ive got something i would like to ask you.


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