Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Record Low Temperature

Temperature at departure = -3° F (-19° C)

And that would be a new record low temperature for my commute by bike. My wife, with raised eyebrow, asked if I was going to ride in this morning; I told her that I could check off riding in temperatures below zero and wouldn't necessarily have to do it again. She chuckled her approval and I suited up. The Adidas Response CWW Bib Tights - Non Padded that she got me for Christmas really do the trick in cold weather. I'll have to work up a review...

The down side: 3 miles into the ride my rear tire started getting real low. I stopped and grabbed the pump attached to my frame (and I think the plastic mount cracked in the process) and pumped it up as much as I could. We'll see how the tire is doing around lunch time. I hope it just got low due to the temperatures as this tube only has 150 miles on it.

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John said...

I might add that these are good as well. A little thicker than the normal ones...and ah yes...the longer inseam ;)