Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Awwwwwh, Freak Out

Temperature at departure = 29° F (-2° C)

From: National office F. C. o. A.
To: Overland Park, Kansas chapter

On behalf of all of us at the national office, I would like to congratulate you on a successful launch of the first Freak Out Warren T Night. I know you have been planning this for a while and the results certainly seem to indicate that the planning was well worth the time and effort.

To the two fauns who jumped into the creek and thrashed around just as he began riding over the narrow bridge -- nicely done. You almost got him to crash into the railing. Perhaps next year you could add a bellow or something...

To the squirrel siblings on the north end of Corporate Woods, well done. After the fauns got the ball rolling, your rustling in the leaves certainly got him thinking the deer were back.

And finally, O.P. chapter president - P. T. Bull, kudos on getting your human to come out and "exercise" you at the right moment. You were correct, the target completely forgot there was a fence separating the two of you.

As a result of your efforts, I hear that the target was flinching at the site of a leaf blowing across the beam of his headlight. Excellent! I'm looking forward to reviewing your individual reports and to your plans for the next Freak out Warren T Night. Congratulations again on a job well done.


Jack A. Lope
Communications Director
Furry Critters of America

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Anonymous said...

Warren, your humor is a rare gift. Don't let those animals take you out, even though they are organized.