Monday, July 07, 2008


Temperature at departure = 78° F (26° C)

It's the time of year when every bike ride is named Tour de (something). My morning commute will hence be known as the Tour de Creepy Crawlers. Along with the normal wildlife I would expect to encounter while riding the trail in Overland Park (deer, rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks and birds galore) this morning, for some reason, had all the elements of a bad horror flick. In order of appearance:

  • I had to dodge a very lively snake.
  • I rode trough an active spider web and had to remove it's angry resident.
  • I almost ran over a dead bat.
  • A wasp hit me in the face.
  • A bee landed on my shirt.

Oh, and as I was zooming down Quivera at 36.1 MPH there was a Thwack! and I ended up with this bug splatter on my glasses.



Noah said...

What on earth were you doing all the way over in my neck of the (not so Corporate) woods? Took the really long way in, did ya?

Do you still got my Cell #? We should meet up ahead of the Lenexa Midnight Bike Ride again. I have a few other nerds. I think we'll eschew the Chris Cakes this year and ride on over to Denny's on Lenexa Rd after things wind down. You're welcome to join us.

Warren T said...

The stretch of Quivera I ride is from 127th to 119th. Part of the Indian Creek Trail... Closer to the Daily Dose than the section you ride to work.

I was hoping you were going to be there. I still have your number it the first number of the three after the area code matches the first of the four that follow... I'm not sure if my buddy John is going to make it this year ... he had trouble catching up on the missed sleep for a few days last year.

I've already paid for Chris Cakes for Peter and I. I know you didn't like them, but I do for some reason. No accounting for my taste I guess.

Noah said...

I had to read your obfuscated phone number explanation 10 times before I figured out what you meant, but you do have the number right.

I like Chris Cakes. I just don't like the price. Well, that and I like a French Slam from Denny's more than I like Chris Cakes.