Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Still, I felt like a jerk...

Rain today, so I drove. The last two days I've taken the long way and tested out a couple Father's Day presents. First, a pair of Pearl iZumi Slice Gloves to replace my old Wal-Mart weightlifting gloves. I like the padding. You know, there is something to this wearing of bike specific gear...

  • They're nice and snug, but not too tight.
  • My hands aren't all sweaty when I finish the ride [I've hated the slimy feel the old gloves were taking on].
  • Like I said before, the padding helps keep a good grip on the handle bars.

It is a very rare occasion for me to overtake and pass another cyclist on my morning ride. Over the last few years other riders were pretty rare at that time of the morning on a weekday. I passed four riders yesterday. Granted, they appeared to all be recreational cyclists and I was a man on a mission -- but I felt kind of bad about it and none of them really knew how to react to someone else on a bike passing them.

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Lina said...

I found this site called maybe you can use it. It seems to help get me through the issues of dealing with some of the jerks I know. At least I can vent about these jerks, plus I get a kick out of sending them some cards.