Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It could have been worse

Temperature at departure = 72° F (22° C)

I had it all planned out. Since I'd worked more than an hour past quitting time last night, I figured I'd leave at 07:30, ride the 20 mile loop with one stop at the bank right at 09:00 when they opened. That would put me at the office around 09:15, but like I said, I worked a bit extra last night.

Two miles into the ride, my front tire went flat. I'd encountered a couple bumps that were probably to blame; squared off edges...

I pulled over to a picnic table, took off the backpack and patched the tire. I either messed up the patch or there was another leak because 0.2 miles further on the tire was flat again. So, I turned around and headed home. Every 0.4 miles I had to stop and pump the tire up again. Annoying, but I was glad it happened 2 miles into the ride instead of 10 miles into the ride.

Man, I hated having to drive into work. I'm going to be hard pressed to make my goal of 350 miles this month what with missing out on 16 miles today and being out of town all next week.

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