Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Back From Camp

That was my home away from home last Sunday through Saturday. Loved it! We had rain three days, but it wasn't ever much of an inconvenience. Actually, the rain came mostly overnight and cooled things down.

I didn't get to nap and read as much as I'd hoped because I signed up for Conquer the Kaw where I hiked 11 miles and biked 20. We didn't get to canoe on the Kaw because it is too high and fast at the moment.

Here is a shot of our hike on the Camp Naish Rimrock Trail.

And this was taken during our ride.

Those of you who are familiar with Boy Scouts may understand the significance of Curtis and I going through the Ordeal for the Order of the Arrow. We made it.

Great time -- except for that one trip to the ER...


Joel said...

Takes me back to my days as a scout and scout master. Congrats on OA!

Josh Mitchell said...

Congrats on your Ordeal.

I still remember my Ordeal from my scout days (it was at Naish in the backwoods and fields).

My little brother finished his scouting career recently (Eagle and all - I 'rejoined' scouts as an ASM when he started a few years ago), and so this year I've stepped down from ASM/SM duties (my brother's ordeal was a couple years ago) until my son (now only two) is old enough... man I'm missing camp this is the first year in about 6 or 7 that I haven't been at camp (Bartle or Naish, the troop I was working with flip-flopped between the two).

Anyhow, I'm really glad you had a good time. Naish has been upping their programs recently and it's looking really nice.