Sunday, June 03, 2007


We went to Worlds Of Fun with my sister-in-law and two nephews from Wyoming yesterday. A good time was had by all. While there, I noticed some Emo kids walking through the park; it made me wonder -- why would Emo kids want to go to a place called Worlds Of FUN?


Noah said...

Whoa.... hold on. Someone older than 29 knows what emo kids are. Look out!

I had to explain Emo (the music style) to my dad today over a pile of spicy buffalo wings after church. I'm not a fan of Emo. I described it as "punk-inspired instrumentals, whiny vocals, and depressing lyrics about a lovelorn and/or terribly sad life." I followed it up by saying most of them probably came from families where mommy wouldn't buy them the H2 they wanted for their 16th birthday, then decided that life was so unfair and cruel that they needed to put out an album about it.

Don't get me started on Emo Kids -- the zealous followers of that music style, though. They're a different breed.

Noah said...

Oh yes, and WOF rocks, but I haven't been there in half a decade at least.

Fritz said...

Emo kids at WOF: Bwahahahahahahah!

A Midnight Rider said...

The Emo thing must be regional. It's the first I've heard of it.

I do remember having to go to amusement parks when my kids were young. It was always hiddeous. All it took to break them of that was their first trip to a national park, Yosemite. That put the travel bug into their system.

Now my son takes me on trips like
this and this

Your day will come. 8>)

Warren T said...

Very cool! I'd love the chance to get over to those parts of Europe -- but I keep having to pay for my kids to go on their band trips to Paris, Germany and surrounding areas. Someday. Someday.

Warren T said...

Oh, and might I suggest Hope Is Emo

Anonymous said...

Well. EMO - is a music style and the way they dress is called fashioncore or emocore! Only because of that, it doesn´t means that ´they don´t wanna have fun. Maybe the were thinking the same about you !!

Ravyn said...

there isn't anything wrong with emos
you know, its people like you that make emo kids sad or depressed! so dont blame them!
and also you should know that emos kids of today are the future of tomarow.

An Emo said...

(Actually, I dont speak english very well, so i hope u dont mind my mistakes)

What the hell u have against emo's? they are almost "normal" people with a special style. Hip-Hop-People arent better. (There arent any "normal" people)
emo's have lot of fun! They arent sad at all. Only some of them are sad, have psychological problems and hurt themselves. But a "normal" person can have psychological problems and hurt itself, too. And only to wear black clothes dont mean that u are an emo.
To talk about me. I have the style of an EMO, but i often play football and i play the trumpet. i listen to music like the beatles, Elvis Presley and other oldfashioned music, but i listen to emocore and metal and other "hard" music, too.
If u would know emo's, u wouldnt hate them. u only hate emo's, because u dont know them, they have a special style, or all your friends hate emos.
All i heard about emos was bad things. then i met an emo and know i'm an emo. I like emos.
i'm a boy who can tell my feelings of love, of pain, of fear or something else. But its very hard to tell other people about them. But I can. I can cry, I can tell my feelings. I’m not a “strong” man in the meaning of that I have to be serious the whole time. Im strong, because I have the heart to tell my feelings.
I hope u understood, what I wanna say. U can search me at