Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Magic Scale

Temperature at departure = 70° F (21° C)
Days until school starts = 65

Scale, scale, on the tile
Who's the sveltest man on file?

For the longest time I noticed a discrepancy between my weight as calculated by the scale in our bathroom compared to the scale at the gym or doctor's office. Let's just say I always preferred the results at home.

Sunday we were packing my daughter's luggage for her trip to Europe with the school band and needed to make sure her bag hadn't gone over 50 pounds. We brought down the scale and weighed the bag by itself and it came in around 45 pounds. My wife suggested I stand on the scale and weigh myself with and without the bag to see if it came out any different. It did.

I weighed in at a miraculous 185 pounds. I then picked up the bag and it had somehow shed 40 pounds as the dial read 190. Cool, sounded like she'll have plenty of room for presents for her father on the trip back. Now, next time I go to the doctor's office I need to tell them their scale is off ~10 - 15 pounds...


The Old Bag said...

DUDE! If'n you want teachers to be reading your blog, you don't want to be reminding them exactly how many days of summer fun they are looking at before





got out!


Warren T said...
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Warren T said...

Oops. My apologies -- but I've got 5 kids... I will have to say that now that I'm no longer working out of my house I don't get quite as many interruptions. On the other hand, I've had 10 calls from home so far today.

[Had to redo my comment because I found a spelling error and didn't want you to see it.]