Thursday, August 31, 2006

Yep, almost September

Late August, temperatures are down (63 degrees for the ride in this morning) but with the drop in temperatures comes a new element for the bike ride to work: spider webs. This is the time of year that you start noticing spider webs everywhere when you step outside. Now, this normally isn't much of a problem on the roads or bike paths -- except for the last leg of the bike path at the very end of my ride in.

This morning, since I was probably the only one who had taken that stretch, I got nailed in the face with a big web. Ick. Once I got to my office I took my backpack off and started brushing the web off my head and arms when I noticed it: I'd brought a passenger along with me. Strangest spider I've seen around here. The body was triangular with a big white triangle on the top. Not a problem now but I've got to wonder; if it had bitten me...

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