Monday, August 21, 2006

Move In Weekend for Peter

So, I helped my second oldest move into his dorm on Saturday. As we were getting close I told him if we couldn't find a spot to park out front, we'd better hope we've been good boys and maybe we'll get a good spot out back. We pull around the front of the dorm and it is, of course, full. Pulled into the lot behind the dorm and I asked him if he's been good; he says he has. We're not seeing any empty spots so I pulled around to the spots closest to the building - and there it is! A bright, shining spot in the first row. We walk into the lobby with one bag and Peter works his way through the crowd waiting for the elevator and finds out he needs to check in with the people up on his floor -- the sixth (top) floor. I hand him the bag and tell him I'll go get another load and meet him up there. As I walked to our prime spot I noticed that it was about three car lengths away from the sidewalk at the corner of the building where a door to a stairway was standing open. I grab two tubs of clothes and started up the six flights of stairs. When I got to the top, I opened the fire door, turned left and looked at the first door I reached and there was Peter's name. I knocked, no answer from the room mate who had moved in the day before. I tried the door knob and it was un-locked so I dropped the tubs off, headed to the lobby where Peter was checking in, got the bag he'd brought up, told him where his room was and that I'd meet him there with another load. All in all, 10 trips up the steps. I only had one trip on the elevator, where I waited in line for about ten minutes for my turn. Good workout!

We grabbed lunch, got his books and I dropped him off. Yeah, within a half hour I was missing him; still do when I'm walking through the house and realize he's not there. Sure, the four others are still around and I'm sure I'll go through the same thing with all of them.

Kinda glad the oldest was back in the house; last night he came out of his room and said he thought he smelled an electrical fire. Sure enough, one of his outlets was melting and the wall above it was hot to the touch and a brown line was showing through the paint. Must have been a problem in the top socket of that outlet because it was completely melted on the inside and the wire attached to it was pretty toasty. Swapped out the outlet and all is well. Again, glad he was around...

Other than that, I had a nice bike ride to my dad's house yesterday (a bit over 7 miles to his house). It was a beautiful, although somewhat humid, day.

So, Country music stations will always have a presence in the K.C. market -- but if Country stations are disappearing in the major markets, will some of the K.C. outlets flip soon?

New Group Seeks to Keep Country Radio in America's Largest Cities

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