Thursday, September 24, 2009

Rock Star Parking

Parent/Teacher conferences where being held at the Middle School last night and I didn't feel like fighting the parking hassles. The lot is always full, as are both sides of all the streets within a block or two. I decided to ride.

My suspicions about the lot being full are confirmed as I pull in on my bike.

Once again, I score Rock Star Parking with my bike.

My hope is that some of the other parents that live within a mile or two will catch on to the advantages of biking.


The Old Bag said...

Great example to set!

The Old Bag said...
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Yokota Fritz said...

Oh my.

Steven Vance said...

I don't think just seeing your bike in its rock star parking spot will help anyone catch on. You've got to start "shoving" it in others' faces and mind.

What if you made a big sign to put above the bike rack that said, "Welcome to Rock Star Parking, where you're always steps from the door!"

Then start handing out flyers amongst all the PTA junk that exposes 3 benefits of bicycling, including always getting to park for free next to the entrance.