Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lunch Hour Excuses to Ride

Temperature at departure 91°F (33°C) with the heat index making it feel like 100°F (38°C)

My daily routine has changed dramatically. I'm no longer riding to the office, since my office is now in my basement. Since starting the podcast, I've not been taking any recreational rides in the morning. I've figured out that the only way I can get out on the bike is while I'm running errands. Hence today's lunch hour ride to Penzey's Spices on Sante Fe in downtown Overland Park.

It was a 3.3 mile ride to the store, where I grabbed some taco seasoning for the walking tacos I plan on making at Boy Scout Camp.

Most of the ride is on Lowell, an arterial street half way between two major roads. Like Lamar, this is a pretty good road to ride a bike on. Fairly wide, lower speed limits and less traffic.

Several shady patches don't hurt, either.

Really only one busy intersection to deal with.

I grabbed some fresh herbs for a snack on the way in the door.

...and had ten minutes to relax before returning to my regularly scheduled programming.


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