Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Back from Camp

I am back from a week of Boy Scout Camp and trying to get caught up with everything I left (briefly) behind. The heat last week was unbelievable and there were a few times I didn't think I'd be able to make it through. I didn't really have a choice though, being the camp Scout Master. Glad we all made it and wouldn't have missed the experience for the world. We had a great group of scouts and adult leaders this year.

Curtis and I were awarded Brotherhood membership in the Order of the Arrow. The only down part to that experience was our first attempt at the Brotherhood Walk on Wednesday night. We'd hiked a little over a half mile when a thunderstorm chased us under a picnic shelter. The scouts in charge of the event were radioed to have us head back to the dining hall as part of the camp emergency preparedness guidelines. They tried to get the group to head back together, but the driving rain and very close lightning got the group running for all they were worth. A couple of the scouts that were leading us started falling behind so I slowed down to keep them in sight. At some point in the half mile run, I must have stepped on a sharp rock. The result was a pretty sore foot that wasn't helped by the workday Thursday and all the hiking during the rest of camp. The last few days have been painful, but today I seem to be on the mend. Should be back on the bike in a couple of days.

We made it home Saturday morning and even though I was having some trouble getting around, my lovely bride wanted to go to the Art of Cars show at the KC Art Institute that afternoon. I went just to spend some time with her but had a blast looking at all the vintage cars. They had some old bikes on hand as well. CAT said, "If I loose track of you, I'll know where to find you." Sure enough, I wandered off and she found me by the bikes.

This Mitchell Bicycle (c.1896) - Golden Eagle, Girl's Bike was found in a barn in the Ozarks and hasn't been restored.

Frame: 1 1/8" seamless steel tubing
Finish: Carmine, four coats, hand rubbed and baked, gold striping
Saddle: Leather and horsehair with springs
Handle Bars: Chicago adjustable
Grips: Cork
Pedals: Rat-trap
Wheel Base: 44 inches
Rear Fender: Wooden, with skirt-guard lacing
Spokes: Best quality #2, 15-17 guage
Rims: Tucker, maple, V-shaped: finished to match frame
Sprockets: Nickel-plated
Chain: Skip tooth
Tools: Leather tool bag, wrench, oiler, pump, etc.
Original Price: $40.00, plus optional Morrow Coaster Brake, $5.00

This 1919 Harley-Davidson bike has obviously had some restoration work done on it. Beautiful.

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