Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Ick, Queen Anne's Lace

A bit cloudy this morning. I took a few pictures with the camera in my G1 phone.

I hate Queen Anne's Lace. This must be a really good year for the stuff.

First, I have a sever allergic reaction to it if I touch it.

Second, the stuff stinks. The only way I can describe it is "weedy."

Quick note to my three oldest sons: Indian Creek Trail, 07:00 & 08:00 hours. Many, many groups of young ladies out jogging. Must have had to dodge 50+ this morning. No young guys to be seen. Seriously boys, there are many positive things about going for a bike ride or jog in the morning. Just sayin'.


Josh Mitchell said...

Hey Warren, saw your post and thought "Oh, yeah! Warren ride the IC Trail for some distance" - the reason I remembered is that I'm on it for about 2 miles now that we're in the new house. What portion are your riding again?

PS - How's that 50 miler IC / GH trip for the scouts working out? If you stick with 143rd / Sheridan you'll be riding right past my (new) backyard.

Warren T said...

Hey Josh. If I've got less than an hour I will either ride from 99th and Metcalf to Leawood Park to the east - or - Indian Valley Park to the south. Both routes are ~10 miles. If I've got an hour and a half I ride the entire Indian Creek / Tomahawk Creek loop for a total of ~24 miles.

I followed the route you suggested and am still trying to get the scouts organized. My 21 year old and I have ridden it a couple times. From home to SM Park and back comes out almost exactly at 50 miles. Actually might just work our way up Ridgeview. CAREFULLY.

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