Thursday, September 18, 2008


Temperature at departure = 58° F (14° C)

What is missing in the picture below?

A) Warning sign
B) Traffic cone
C) The mangled bodies of other cyclists
D) All of the above

It was fortunate that the Mendota has really good brakes. I had come around that corner at around 12 MPH and had to stop suddenly to avoid what could have been a really bad scenario. A little warning would be nice.

Looks like it will be beautiful weather for the 25 miler with the scouts tomorrow morning. Have a good weekend.


David Hogeboom said...
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David Hogeboom said...

Disaster averted!

What does the little sign say? Warning or garage sale?

Warren T said...

Garage sale. They put the thing right where it can block the only patch of grass suitable for riding around the hole and rocks.

SiouxGeonz said...

I'd have moved the sign and done who-knows-what else at the scene, if I had the time ;)

Zach's Bicycle Commuting said...

So at first glance, it looks like a sidewalk. But then again it looks kind of like a bike path turning into a sidewalk. Long story short - please tell me you haven't been commuting on sidewalks?

Warren T said...

Nope all bike path and traffic. Now, I have to admit that there is a short section that they have detoured the path to a sidewalk, but it is official and there is no other way across an interstate.

By the time I got back to that spot in the evening, they'd filled it and put yellow tape around it. The next morning the tape was down and it was ready for use.