Thursday, September 11, 2008

Observations From a Non-Scientific Mind

1) The rain seems heavier when I'm going faster.
2) When I stop pedalling and slow down, the rain lessens as well.

Conclusion: the rain seems to know how fast I'm going.


Tom said...

I think you got it all wrong. Because e=mc2, as you go faster and your engery remains the same then your mass actually icrease (yes you get fatter the faster you go). This cause your internal gravity to increase and so the your personal pull on the rain drops increase in your vicinity. Therefore they hit you with a greater force than when your going slow. thanks to einstein we now know that rain drops really can't tell how fast your going (this was his main contribution to science). Though there are reports that rain drops can read bike computers. Do you use one of those?

Warren T said...

Yes. Whoa. That clears things up a bit. So, what you're saying is that when it rains, I should take the computer off? That almost seems too easy.

Mike1727 said...

you also missed:

'Rain is sentient. It knows when you're setting off from work to go home'

karen said...

I rode in the rain too! Now, freezing rain really hurts!