Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Clean up on aisle nine, please.

Temperature at departure = 74° F (23° C)

While I was in Dallas last week, it appears we had some really severe rains in OP.  I've been riding the Indian Creek bike/hike trail daily for more than 3 years and this is the worst damage I've seen.  Several places have the top inch or so of pavement just washed to the side as seen below.

Fences tell quite a story as well:

The one seen above is at Deer Creek Golf Club around 130th and Metcalf.  According to Google Earth, this fence was 400' away from the creek.

Close to 135th and US 69 the fence above shows that the water was 10' to 12' above it's normal course.

My favorite little bridge fared a little better in this storm than it has in some.  It only lost one board this time.  Looks like I missed quite a show.

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Fritz said...

I've seen some flooded out bike paths but wow.