Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Weekend Plans

Temperature at departure = 56° F (13° C)

10 miles of hiking, biking and running trails may soon be added to the land adjacent to Shawnee Mission Park. The hearing is tonight. Thanks to my buddy John L for the link to this article.

A boy scout campout is going to prevent me from the 56 mile ride in Wamego ... so I'm going to map out a longer ride in town which will run through Shawnee Mission Park and hooking up with the Gary L. Haller Trail. I've heard it is a beautiful trail. The more I think about it, why drive 5 hours roundtrip to ride my bike? Rationalizing, I know, but it helps ease the pain of what looks to be a rainy campout.

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Noah said...

If you're gonna be riding out and about Saturday AM, fire off an email or leave a comment. I might be interested in taking a Saturday morning spin, and I haven't ridden anywhere in SM park yet, but a few weekends ago a friend and I rode the adjacent trails that you're talking about riding as well.