Monday, March 05, 2007

Hello Mudder

Temperature at departure = 40° F (4° C)

I took the day off on Friday and took advantage of a quiet, empty house and reworked some of my goals and objectives. Exciting stuff? For me it is, I like to get things down on paper and set up some way of keeping record of how I'm doing. So, I spent some time jotting down ideas and creating some more spreadsheets. I know, geek. I then got to go over to the Sprint campus and have lunch with my buddy John. Great turkey burger!

I haven't been out riding since Wednesday. I figured that the majority of the mess from Wednesday night's storm would have been taken care of. I took part of Friday to scrub my bike down, give it's teeth a good flossing and re-lube the chain. As I rode down the short hill with the sharp turn under the bridge, I found out how wrong I was regarding the post-storm mess. This part of the path is low (I did mention it takes you under a bridge) and runs next to the creek; I saw the mud about 6 feet before I hit it. I didn't have time to stop until my front tire (tyre for Kimbo) was stuck in 8 inches (20 cm) of glop. I hopped off into about 4 inches of mud and backtracked up the path to the road. There were a few other places where mud was still on the path next to the creek, but all of those had a way through without getting into the muck. So much for my pretty, clean bike...

So, it's back to work -- and I swapped the yellow reflective jacket for a grey hooded sweat shirt. See previous posts about my reasoning for that.

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