Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Flash Back

Temperature at departure = 51° F (11° C)

What a beautiful morning; the weather was nice enough I could ditch the workout pants and put on shorts. [Didn't want anything rubbing on the band-aids on the knee] It was nice to see 5 bikes in the elementary school rack yesterday -- that means we're up to 1.8% of the students who don't ride the bus, riding their bikes to school.

As promised, here is a shot of Peter coming out of Starbuck's with our bikes chained out front. We hung out for a while at the table on the left. My planned route of 14.1 miles was stretched to 17.7 with some extra miles in and around Leawood Park to look at the soccer fields that Peter used to play on. Had a great time reminiscing. The route was also a little hillier (hilly-er, hillish, ???) than expected. All in all a nice trip with good conversation and a peppermint mocha at just the right time! Sunday's ride to my Dad's is the first I've made since I got the bike computer. I had thought the trip was 14 miles on the nose -- close, it ended up being 13.5. It was a solo ride so I tried to push it a bit harder and averaged 14.4 MPH. Wasn't too winded; need to take some longer trips in the weekend ahead to get ready for THIS 52 miler.


A Midnight Rider said...

Hillyah. the ah is pronounced like cahhh (car).

No Starbucks around here. It's all "Dunkin Donuts" and "{Honey Dew" shops.

Ecclectic coffee shops don't last very long.

Fritz said...

My normal 10 mile commute (round trip) was stretched out to 54 miles yesterday because the weather is so nice :-)