Tuesday, February 06, 2007

When Will This End?

Temperature at departure = 20° F (-7° C)

Man, I'm getting out of shape. My ride in today was about the shortest commute in I've taken as I couldn't get on the path; that put me out in traffic pushing it as hard as I could riding into a 10 MPH headwind. This is going to be the first day above freezing in a while and the only one in the 10 day forecast, so I couldn't let today go by without riding in. Hopefully this will melt the majority of the frozen glop off the path and I'll be back in business able to take a longer, easier, quieter route - and get the boys back on their bikes.

You know you're tired when...

Our big, old, Treeing-Walker Coon Hound, Belle, decided to wake me up at 02:15. I let both of the dogs out, got them water and noticed they both still had food in their dishes then let them back in. Belle would not go back to sleep; she must be uncomfortable in some way. She kept me up until just before the alarm went off at 06:30. I didn't think I was in too bad a way until I noticed that I was making the boys Ham and Jelly sandwiches for lunch. I have no idea if I was trying to make Ham and Cheese -or- Peanut Butter and Jelly. I caught it just in time. Should be an interesting day.

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