Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Temperature at departure = 28° F (-2° C)

I have neither the time nor inclination to try to embed the theme from the Fox TV series COPS here. Even if I did, you'd just be looking for the button to mute it; so, for the duration of this post I would encourage you to quietly hum the COPS theme. Here, I'll get you started:

Bad boys, bad boys
Watcha gonna do...

"Dad, I forgot my lunch." "Okay," I told my youngest, "I'll go back and get it. I'll leave it at the office." No big deal, I was behind on my monthly goal for miles ridden in February anyway and was looking to pick up some more on the ride to work today. As I hopped off the bike I realized that I was wearing my balaclava. I was concerned that it might freak some of the people at school out to have me walk in that way but I was greeted with "Hi Warren" and "Good morning Mr. T." There was, however, a rather startled looking young lady which I've never met at the desk that had a bit of a panicked look. I could just imagine her pushing a panic button or something to summon the police... "Curtis forgot his lunch. He's in Miss V's class." And out I went.

We break for commercial and when we come back, I've ridden another 1.3 miles and am getting ready to get on the part of the path that has a real steep incline down and back up the other side. This stretch of path goes through a couple of different apartment complexes and I learned that even if the school had called the police, there wouldn't have been any available to respond since it looked like the entire Overland Park Police Department was getting ready to storm an apartment just off the path. I counted 4 cars and many more officers, so I assume some of the cars were out back. there were a couple of the officers standing on the path either side of the bridge over the creek, hands on holsters. ...and here I come in a ski mask... The bright yellow jacket with reflecting tape probably did a bit to establish my non-combatant status. I asked one officer if it was okay for me to continue on the path and she said, "Sure." I thanked her and said something like "Stay safe." They looked like they knew what they were doing. For once I had my camera with me, but I thought better than to stick around and take pictures.

I should have a picture for you tomorrow; one of something that has been bugging me a bit. So tune in tomorrow.

Watcha gonna do
When they come for you


A Midnight Rider said...

I had my facemask on and was worried people may think my package was suspicious looking.


Warren T said...

Nice. You did have me worried there for a moment...

A Midnight Rider said...

Ha! I just realized how that statement could be construed.