Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Black Ice

Temperature at departure = 36° F (2° C)

It was a beautiful weekend. I even got Presidents Day off (even though I was on call). The high temperature was 58° yesterday and it has been pretty mild for a couple days. Plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures still haven't rid us of all of the effects of Friday's nasty snow storm, but we're getting there.

The ride in was an adventure - There are still enough ice patches to make the ride interesting. In fact, one of the cool parts of the ride was all the left over ice foot prints. Like something out of a CSI:NY episode, the places were people walked on the snow compacted it enough that it didn't melt as quickly as the snow and ice around it. The result was a bunch of perfect two inch tall ice foot prints on the path. The other obstacle was the patches of black ice where the melt off froze overnight. Often, I didn't even see it until I was slipping around on it. Kind of fun...

Anyway, I rode an extra three miles on the way in since it was such a beautiful morning. My attitude is great (for a change) and I'm ready for the day a cup of coffee.

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A Midnight Rider said...

Re your facemask question in bikecommuter.

It does not cover my ears. It tapers to about 4" at the back. I have worn it "like a cowboy bandana", pushed down and only covering my neck. When needed I pull it up, and back in place.

I do wear a stocking cap. I picked up a few at Marshalls for $4 a piece. I don't wear a helmet for commuting.