Friday, October 01, 2010

Too soon?

Yes. This is too soon.

I took the afternoon off thinking that I'd ride my bike to Sears to pay a bill and then continue painting the house. I've spent most of my spare sunlit hours painting during the last three weeks. After dropping the check off I headed home and decided to make the 3 mile errand ride into a 10 mile recreational ride.

Somewhere along the way my 10 mile ride turned into a 23 mile ride. And why not? No one else was home, the dogs had been walked, the dishwasher had been cleared and it was a beautiful 72° (22° C) day.

Like I'd said, almost every spare sunlit hour I've been painting. I could stand on a laddar for an extra couple hours or I could just enjoy some of the day.

12 miles in I was met with a little surprise.

They didn't say the park was closed, so a little off road cycling and I reached the other side of the closure.

THIS seems a little more timely.

Have a great weekend. (I'll be painting)


Dub said...

Metcalf South?

Warren T said...

It is, indeed, the Sears at Metcalf South. Coming soon ... the battle between KUDL and Star 102 to see who can be the most annoying and start Christmas music first.