Tuesday, June 01, 2010

That's not paint

The other day I noticed some reddish splotches on my rear tire. I figured I'd ridden through some paint or something. When out riding with CAT over the holiday weekend, those splotches got bigger and more frequent. I took a closer look and it appears it is time for me to order another set of Michelin Transworld City tires.

CAT asked me how many miles I thought I got out of them and I guessed 5,000. I checked my spreadsheet (I know, I know) and it turns out they've given me 4,973 miles. Sure, I didn't get 8,500+ like Noah, but these tires were inexpensive and I'm more than happy to order another pair. The front tire isn't in that bad of shape and I may root around in the attic to see if I've got another former front tire up there that could get me by for a while. In the mean time I will get back on the Mendota and enjoy the change.

Note to self: with this next set, rotate the tires at around 3,000 miles.


Noah said...

That's pretty good. The reason I flopped over to Hard-Case was that the debris on Southwest Boulevard was giving me a flat tire every two weeks. Reliably. If you're getting those miles, go for it!

Also, I don't rotate tires. I am not telling you NOT to, but I'll tell you why I don't:

Rear tires usually wear faster. When they do go flat, it's not much of a problem. When a front tire goes out, though, things are usually a bit more interesting. Instead of swapping the faster-wearing rear tire to the front on occasion to keep tire wear "even" I just let things run their course. Okay, I'm also lazy. Or as lazy as a guy who rides a bike 13 miles every day instead of driving can be.

Revrunner said...

I always think replacing tires on a bike is a time to celebrate. At least then you know you've ridden far enough to warrant (pun intended!) changing them.:-)