Monday, June 07, 2010

Oh, yeah, about that hill...

Yesterday our church had a picnic and I convinced my wife and one of the boys to ride our bikes rather than drive the 3 miles to the park. What I didn't tell them was that the hill going up Lamar from 95th to 91st is a bit of a challenge for someone rather new to cycling. Oops. They did well, although as I tried to chat with my wife 3/4 of the way up she made it clear that she was not in the mood to talk.

Our pasta salad, Mexican dip and chips all fit into my panniers. We all enjoyed the ride (especially the ride back DOWN the hill).


dvicci said...

Oh yeah, that's a great little jaunt of a hill. Surprisingly taxing, for being in the middle of the city, and being so short. My Garmin puts it at about a 6-7% grade. With any sort of weight on the bike beyond the rider, that can definitely add up.

I chose that route purposely back when I was training for the Triple Bypass.

Still, it's got nothing on the Twin Sisters, either southern or northern. :)

Warren T said...

True. I like riding up to the top of that hill by riding west on 91st from Nall up to Lamar. THAT, my friend, is a challenge.