Monday, March 16, 2009

Slightly out of Breath

Temperature at departure = 43° F (6° C)

I noticed that I was coasting down hills that I normally pedal down this morning as I rode my bike to work. It was a beautiful, sunny morning. I stretched the four mile direct route out to eleven miles and was surprised to find that my average MPH was 2.5 MPH higher than normal. Why?

This was on the MP3 Player:

I must have been really hammering. Bucephalus was pleased.


SiouxGeonz said...

Or tailwind, dude. Probbly just a tailwind :)

Yokota Fritz said...

A book was on your MP3 player? Or the movie music soundtrack?

Yokota Fritz said...

Oh, and now it occurs to me you're talking about a "books on tape" thing *slap forehead*

Warren T said...

Actually, I got the soundtrack. Nothing seems to increase the RPM's like the music from some good chase scenes.