Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Temperature at departure = 25° F (-4° C)

Perhaps it never happens to you.  The daily ride is always fresh and never routine.  For me, it's been getting a little tough to get excited about the ride lately.  Oh, sure, there are lots of excuses -- lack of sleep due to doggie health issues, the end of marching band season meaning a change in the runs to school, blaa, blaa, blaa.  

I am happy to say that I've turned the corner and am having a blast again.  Why?  Baby, it's cold outside (and dark for the ride home).  The colder the temperatures, the more fun the ride seems to be.  This morning was the first ride of the season where I needed the balaclava.  Oh yeah!  We're probably still a month or so away from snow, but I'm really looking forward to getting the XYZ Bike out again to give the neighbors something to talk about.


Peter T said...

I'd like to go on another ride when the path is iced over. That was a blast the first time.

karen said...

I love it when people ask me "how cold is too cold to ride?"
I tell them it depends on the wind speed, direction and humidity (plus temperature below 20). It takes a strong north wind to put me in a car! And I upgraded to the stocking cap under my helmet this morning. I was toasty warm.