Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Cycling Thoughts

This morning I had a cool ride in, in a couple of different ways: Low 50's so not really cold, still wore shorts but put a long sleeved shirt on over the tee shirt -- and I rode with my two youngest sons to their schools. Jonathan was leaving early for the middle school so he rode with Curtis and I to the elementary school and then we swung back to head for Jon's school. I had to stop by my mother-in-laws to let her dogs out and his school was on the way. I'm glad Jonathan was along, he told me my back tire was just about flat and I hadn't and wouldn't have noticed it until it was too late.

It was nice getting to ride with them and I'm glad they're still at the stage where riding a bike to school isn't considered anything other than another means of transportation. I asked Katie if anyone ever rode a bike to the high school and she said no, there aren't even any bike racks that she can think of. I was curious because of an article I read; Fun, Fast and Fit: Influences and Motivators for Teenagers Who Cycle to School (tip of the hat to Cyclelicio.us for pointing me to that one).

The study "shed light on influences and motivators for six Vancouver teenagers who were old enough to drive but regularly cycled to secondary school." It is a pretty interesting article (around 6 pages for the real stuff...) and I like the fact that it says "a parent who rides a bicycle for local errands, family bike rides, or the commute to work is modeling the bicycle as a viable, alternative transportation option for their children." Did my part this morning with a trip to the bank and the mother-in-laws. Also had a couple errands that I ran with Curtis over the weekend. I'm also riding to my Dad's house on Sundays instead of driving. I kind of hope that I might be able to convince the younger ones that it would be okay to ride a bike to high school. Wouldn't be a bad ride since they'd pretty much be able to ride on the bike trail for the majority of it.

Okay, I rambling. Gotta go.

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