Sunday, July 12, 2009

Noah's Midnight Cave Ride

A huge tip of the helmet to Noah for putting together a great midnight ride after Lenexa decided to change their annual Midnight ride. Noah sought out and found another cave that we could ride through and set up a great route to the site. Peter and I rode the Lenexa ride the last two years and were SO glad that Noah set this up. Anyway, here are some rather blurry shots from early this morning.

Peter and Noah before the ride.

The group mingles at the Merriam Marketplace before the ride.

Noah explains the rules of the ride.

We pass the Irene B. French Community Center.

I was followed by some sort of alien. Made it easier to look out for man hole covers...

Continuing down Merriam Drive.

Peter to my right with the glow of several other rider's headlights off to the side.

We wait for Noah to take a picture and open the gates. He warned the group that it would be slick and to take your time and be mindful...

We wait at the bottom of the hill just inside the caves for the people who didn't take Noah's message to heart. Mark Rainey in the yellow shirt on the right.

Riding in the caves. I was more concerned with staying upright than with having clear photos.

Mark on his well accessorized Trucker.

Having made it out of the caves, we stop to make sure everyone made it.

Getting ready to head back.

My one attempt at a panda portrait turned out so bad I decided to make it worse.


Brian said...

Hey Warren, nice to see you there at the ride... catch you later,


Ways to make money said...

Mark Rainey in the yellow shirt on the right.

chandan said...

Hey you are looking nice when riding. Riding is also my hobby.