Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Non-Commute Morning Rides

Temperature at departure = 58° F (14° C)

Although I'm a work at home guy again, I am still getting out and riding. I find excuses to ride my bike on errands during my lunch hour, or I simply hop on and take a ten mile ride on the trail before I have to sign in for work. I'm getting over the fact that those rides aren't officially bicycle commutes. So what? There, I've grown.

This morning's ride was rife with detours. There is so much mud under some of the bridges that it would be unwise to ride through it. Take the 103rd street bridge just west of Metcalf for example:

I decided to take an alternate route. We're looking at Flash Flood Warnings later in the day, so this isn't going to clear up soon.

And, yes, I've stopped complaining about there not being any color in the landscape during my morning rides.

Finally, I'm a fan of The System and just saw this one from a few days ago. He's channeling me again...


Rosscott said...

Damn, you caught me channeling again! I do that sometimes, when I'm feeling really pale.

Revrunner said...

Hey, recreational and fitness biking are equally worthy pursuits. Besides, depending how fanatical you are, they certainly offer a lot more opportunities to "smell the roses."

karen said...

Last week when I decided to ride to the library, after my "official" commute, I found an umbrella stand in large item pick-up trash.
Just what I was looking for! I tied it to my bike with a plastic bag that I carry to pick up trash, torn into strips. I was quite a site, but I managed to get home without incident. So it pays just to ride for fun! You never know what you may find!

Homeopathic remedy for swine flu said...

I do that sometimes, when I'm feeling really pale.